Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exhibition at the Life Cafe in Bushwick!!

Welcome to my blog! A lot is going on now!

I am going to have an exhibition:


at The Life Cafe in Bushwick on February!

983, Flushing Avenue, Bushwick

(L train to Morgan) opening on wednesday 3rd at 7pm,

please don't miss it!

I am not going to be there with you ('cause I am in Pesaro, Italy), but the important things are my Photopoems, my work named SMILE( you can see the whole series in this blog).

I am looking for a gallerist or a manager or anybody who wants to exhibit them again in a gallery in NY, somebody who can trust me and my work and who wants to finalize a contract with me.

About buying them, they are really cheap: 200 dollars each, at the moment, this is called "Prova d'Autore", they are signed, I don't know yet how many copies I will make of them. So offers are welcome!

Laura Ghiandoni

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